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Cedar Island to Folly Creek

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Continuing from the previous blog post!  Brian and I camped on Cedar Island but instead of returning to Wachapreague with him, I continued up north toward Folly Creek.  Before packing up camp though, I was able to capture some cool sunrise shots — not something I’m usually up early enough to see 🙂


I knew I had ground to cover (or water, whatever) and Brian was only planning on fishing and heading back to Wachapreague.  I didn’t want to keep him waiting forever at the Folly Creek landing so I paddled hard and got a workout (I also wanted to complete this leg before the tide started going out).  The winds were dead calm and the water was like glass which made for a really peaceful paddle.  Sometimes I’m really amazed at how silent the world can be when you’re that far away from civilization.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAAs I paddled northward, the old Coast Guard station on the north end of Cedar came into sight.  I believe it is pretty much abandoned now but might be owned and used by a sportsmen’s club of some kind now.  I did not paddle to the station though.  I veered off into a creek that led to the west a little bit instead.  This may have been a mistake though.  I had Google Earth on my phone to help me navigate through the marsh creeks, but I STILL got lost!  I had to stop several times and stand up on my kayak to try and see where I was headed — the right way, or up a dead end.  I probably hit about 3 or 4 dead ends and had to back track several times before I was able to find the main channel again.

I finally completed this 9-mile stretch at the Folly Creek landing.  I finished literally minutes before the tide changed and minutes before Brian pulled up in the parking lot.  PERFECT timing to say the least.  Unfortunately, my phone died only 20 minutes or so before I finished so I was not able to record the exact path that I took.  Had I not gotten lost in the marsh, I would have had time to record the whole thing!  Anyway, here’s the path I took up until that point:

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