laura paddles delmarva

exploring the shorelines of Delmarva via kayak

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Scharle Family Paddling

It’s official! Patrick has been introduced to kayaking and he liked it (he damn well better like it)!

On Sunday, July 1 Brian and I got Patrick out on the water. It wasn’t technically the first time; we had paddled around for a few minutes a few weeks ago, but this was the first time we got him out on the water for a solid 2 hours.

We launched from the Isle of Wight park and paddled around under the Route 90 bridge and explored a few beaches. Patrick got to see and touch horseshoe crabs, wave to other kayakers, and watch egrets feeding in the marsh. I was pleasantly surprised at how easy it was to paddle with him in my lap. He didn’t squirm around much and enjoyed dragging his hand in the water as we were moving. The trickiest part was actually getting in and out of the kayak. I came close to smacking him in the face with the paddle shaft or squishing him against the side of the cockpit several times, but despite his fussing, he was otherwise happy and excited while paddling and exploring the beaches.