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Isle of Wight WMA

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On October 1st I launched at the Isle of Wight Wildlife Management Area which is located off Route 90, heading into Ocean City, MD.  I was under the impression that this piece of land was an island.  Hmm… not so.  The launch is located on the south side of Route 90 and from there I started out going east.  I looped around the “island” and was back where I started in about an hour.

There was one minor snag in this trip – a need to portage.  As I began to realize that this piece of land was not an island, I was already a mile and a half into my trip and I did not feel like turning around.  I paddled right up next to St. Martins Neck Road and got out.  After waiting for what seemed like forever for the traffic to die down, I was able to awkwardly carry my kayak across the street and place it into the water on the west side of the road.  A few people driving by stared at me with curiosity as they drove by so I was a little embarrassed, but hey, it got me where I wanted to be a whole lot faster!

Unfortunately I did not take any photos on this trip.  It was kind of a spur of the moment outing and there wasn’t anything worth taking photos of anyway.  Except my ridiculous portage adventure!

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