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George Island – Truitts Landing

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I have definitely been lazy as far as this kayaking blog goes, but I finally got back out on the water today, November 11.  Today I headed to Chincoteague Bay with Brian.  He dropped me off at George Island Landing which is just east of the tiny little town, Stockton, MD.  I headed north, my destination being Truitts Landing which is near the town of Girdletree, MD.

I was amazed at the clarity of the water today.  Even when I was in 4-5 feet of water, I could still see straight to the bottom.  I’m not sure if that was because I was paddling in a less developed area?  Or maybe because the angle of the sun in the fall is different than what I’m used to?  It was surprising though, considering the amount of rain we’ve had with Hurricane Sandy and the last nor’easter.

Another thing that I found interesting was how far Assateague Island looked from where I was paddling.  I knew from looking at Google Earth that is was nearly 5 miles away, but still, it just seemed weird.  Here I was paddling in a coastal bay and it just seemed like the barrier island should have been closer.  There were quite a few islands between the mainland and Assateague.  Some of them even had old, abandoned houses or hunting shacks on them which was cool to see.  I decided to go slightly off course to check one of them out.  The closer I got, the nicer the house looked.  And by the time I was less than 100 yards away, I realized it was really well maintained and there were people in the yard!  I don’t know why, but this was unexpected to me.  Of all the little houses and shacks I’ve seen out on marsh islands, none of them are maintained and actually have people living in them!  Maybe it was George of George Island Landing?

I finally found Brian (the fishing was not good) and reached Truitts Landing in just under 2 hours, covering 5.22 miles.  Check out my path:

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