laura paddles delmarva

Circumnavigating 650+ miles of Delmarva's shorelines

Pierce Taylor Road – Wisharts Point

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To sum this paddle up – hot and boring, until the last few minutes.  I set out on the water early on June 30 because the high temperature for the day was somewhere around 103 degrees!  I was in the water at 7:45 and expected to be finished by 9:15 so I would miss the heat of the day.  There wasn’t much to see on this trip for whatever reason.  A few gulls, a few willets, and one cormorant – certainly nothing to write home about.  I did however hear a Bobwhite at the landing before I hit the water!

I paddled a total of 6 miles in an hour and a half – exactly what I expected.  It was pretty cool to paddle underneath the Wallops Island access bridge.  I had been across it numerous times by car and I never realized how tall it was!

I’ve been kayaking for 6 years now, however, this was the first paddle where I encountered cows!  As I was nearing Wisharts Point I passed a small waterfront farm.  From a distance I thought there was some kind of debris along the shoreline.  As I approached closer, it was a herd of cows!  Clearly the day was heating up as the cows were probably in the water well before 9 a.m. and I was drenched with sweat.  Shortly after pulling my kayak out of the water I headed straight to the beach to cool off and go swimming.

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