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Wisharts Point to Queen Sound Landing

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On Sunday, June 24, I completed the first leg!  I started at Wisharts Point which is in the town of Atlantic, VA.  I paddled 7.93 miles to Queens South Landing which is located just off the Chincoteague causeway.  It took exactly 2 hours.  Take a look:

I was pretty stoked to start this journey.  I hope that smile in the beginning remains throughout the coming years!  And you gotta love Brian’s fabulous photography, with that artsy, tilted horizon.  I also had to crop out his finger.  Good thing I’ll be taking most of the photos for this blog!

The first part of this paddle was a bit boring because it was mostly open water and not much to look at.  However, as I entered the marsh creeks, wildlife was abundant.  Plenty of nesting laughing gulls, terrapin heads popping up every which way, and sting rays!  I saw 3 huge sting rays that were practically swimming on the surface of the water.  All of them were at least 20 feet away as I saw their wing tips breaking the surface.  Although this was a cool sight, I’ll always keep my distance – I was stung in the ankle 3 years ago and am literally scarred for life!

I timed this paddle well because the tide and wind were with me most of the way.  Even though the elements were on my side, I was still exhausted during the last 2 miles.  Every time I stopped to wipe the sweat away I swear the clapper rails were laughing hysterically at me (their call sounds like an evil cackle, always hidden in the marsh grasses).

I felt pretty accomplished as I pulled up onto Queen Sound Landing.  8 miles in 2 hours isn’t bad!  This made me optimistic for some of the longer legs I have planned in the future.  Next up, a leisurely paddle in Goldsborough Creek in Easton, MD.

Wish me luck and enjoy this blog!  I’d love to hear your feedback.  If you ever want to join me for a paddle, please let me know – it could get lonely out there!

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